Are you happy now that you broke me down?


You got me dreaming of a life that anybody else would die for.


Tonight's gonna be a good night.


Hello, December

Jag tröstar mig själv med att det inte kan bli sämre.

- ♥

The chapter ending, but the story has only just begun.


Dear November

We both know that if I look in your eyes, I will break down.

I´m awesome!


De som vill styra allt jag gör, det är just de som förstör.

True - there is "lie" in belive. "over" in lover. "end" in friend. "us" in trust. "ex" in next. and "if" in life.


Du borde inte ha ljugit för mig.


I'm trying really hard not to get my heart broken again.

Kiss It All Goodbye.



I have five fingers on my hand, and the middle one is for you!

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